Techno Machines India

Plot No.-53, Sec-53 Phase-1

HSIIDC Kundli Sonipat HR-131028 (India)





Techno Machines India Sets-up Worlds class USB Data cable Plant. Here we do'not set-up only machines, We set-up quality producing production line.

In this Plant we line-up several automatic machines like Vertical Injection Molding Machines, Wire Extruder line, Wire Cutting & Stripping Machines, Automatic Connector Soldering Machines, Salt Spray Tester, Winding & Binding Machines. Specification of all machines is given below.

USB Data Cable Manufacturing Process.

Let's take a look how USB Data Cables are manufactured.

  1. Wire Manufacturing: The beginning procedure for USB Data Cable starts with wire making. The wire is made up with the utilization of fully automatic Wire extruder Line. Wire Extruder line is a combination of various machines, in bunching machine starts with wire bunching. In bunching machine, many wires of copper are twisted along to make the core of the wire. Next core of wire is passed for PVC coating on its surface. Then it goes for Printing, here Lable, name or parameter of wire is written on the wire. Finally, the wire is bundled in demanded length.
  2. Cutting and Stripping Process: once the wire is totally prepared to be used. The wire is processed with cutting and denudation machine. during this machine, the wire gets cut in tiny items and each side of the wire area unit stripped. in order that it may be passed to consequent machines.
  3. Soldering Process: During this method, the wire is soldered with USB Pin at one finish end and with small USB Pin at the opposite finish end.. All this Soldering is performed by Automatic Soldering machine or semi-automatic machine.
  4. Moulding process: once Soldering of USB Pin at each side of the wire. The USB Pins area unit currently lined with PVC to safeguard the pins and to achieve the appearance as we have a tendency to see of USB Data cables. The moulding machines area unit capable of doing several styles in keeping with the mould die is meant. This machine comes in several variations, that is employed in keeping with the necessity.
  5. Salt Spray Testing: once USB Data cable completes all steps, then Data cable is tested to substantiate its era. This method is performed with a machine referred to as Salt spray tester. that primarily tests the speed of corrosion with respect to time. This method is incredibly necessary as a result of here quality is verified.
  6. Winding and Binding: once Data cable is finally tested and gets the OK remark. It goes for packing. within the packaging section, Data cable is processed with Winding and the Binding machine that makes it within the shape and tie it with a nylon cable. Here the USB Data cable is prepared to travel within the market.