Techno Machines India

Plot No.-53, Sec-53 Phase-1

HSIIDC Kundli Sonipat HR-131028 (India)







Product Description

Work position arrangement: there are totally 20 work positions on this machine, 2 in work part load/unload zone, 3 in preheating zone, 1 in cooling zone, 1 in vanrish dipping zone and 2 in excesive varnish dripping zone, gelling and curing will have 11 work positions.

  • There are two work positions in load/unload area, operator is working in load/unload zone.
  • There are 3 work positions in preheating zone, stator will heated up in this area, preheating time will various by according to the step beat time set, the main function of this zone is to remove the moist from the windings of the work part,thus to prevent bubles apeared of surface of the stack after varnish dipping.
  • There is only one work position in the cooling zone, this to reduce a bit of the temperature after it was preheated also to avoid that the over heated work parts will causes varnish temperature raising fast.
  • One of the varnish dip work position, system will carry on varnish dip process for the stators here.
  • There are two accessive varnish drip work positions here on the machine, stators after dip, the accessive varnish will drip onto the receiving tray, and this will prevent accesesive varnish drip into the gelling zone.
  • Work positions in gelling and curing zones togther will take 11 work positions,stators after dipping will enter to the oven for heating, the gelling time and curing time will differs by its setting of step beating time, scrape varnish receiving tray is there for collecting the dripping varnish from the hunging basckets, it also convinient for Party A to remove and clean the varnish tray in the future.

Technical Specification

Dimension 4700mm x 1050mm x 2000mm (L*W*H)
Machine Weight 4 Ton
Pitch Of Work Position 457 mm
Power Supply 415V 50Hz. 3 Phase 5 Line
Power Supply Control Loop 220V
Transmission Motor 1.5 Kw Brake Motor
Capacity Cold Status:42Kw, Hot Status:≤21Kw
Varnish Effective Dimension 550mm X 280mm X 120mm (L*W*D)
Dipping Depth 120mm
Temperature Controler OMRON
Contractor Siemens
Motor Anhui Nanhua
Contractor Siemens
Press Button Schneider
Proximit Switch Autonix
Reduction Motor Jiaho
Touch Screen Kunlon Tongtai