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Insulator Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Insulator Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Product Description

Model -TM 300A



Model TM-300A
Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1350
Injection Volume C.C. 4000
Screw Diameter mm 50
Clamping Force KN 3000
Mold Open Stroke mm 570
Mold Open Stroke mm 570
Distance between heating plates ( with CRB) mm 780 (680 with CRB)
Min. Mould Height (with CRB) mm 210 (110 with CRB)
Net distance between tie bar mm 700x520
Heating plate dimension mm 600x1000
System Pressure Bar 200
Machine Weight Ton 10
Dimension (L x W x H) m 4.3x1.9x3.3
Oil Pump Motor Power kw 15
Oil Pump Motor Power kw 15
Heating Plate Heating Power kw 25
Total Power kw 45

Machine Features

Clamping Unite
  • Vertical clamping structure,2-step camping
  • Dual-sealed clamping cylinder, avoid oil leakage
  • Two small cylinders for fast mould opening/closing, and one main cylinder for clamping mould
  • Imported non-contact linear transducer to control the clamping stroke and injection stroke, with precision 0.05%
  • Heaters for upper and lower heating plates, each heating plate with 2 heating zone
  • Light curtain protection
  • Imported double-layer pressure and high-temperature resistance thermal insulation plates reduce 40% energy consumption, better energy-saving performance.
  • Mold plates design based on finite-element analysis, make sure minimum deformation.
Injection Unit
  • One vertical injection unit located at the top centre
  • One the plasticizing unit, screw-driven by oil motor
  • One silicone rubber feeding device
  • Two sets of independent oil cooler system, for the temperature control of the plasticizing & injection system respectively
  • Designing and optimizing of the plasticization system and injection system are led by German engineers, enable the screw better-delivering capacity, more reasonable homogenization ability and better-degassing performance.
  • Huge injection volume and lower machine height based on the horizontal injection system.
  • Multi-cavities cold runner block reduces material wasting, improve production efficiency.
  • Close-loop temperature control, to control the temperature difference within ±1°C, achieve uniform vulcanization.
Hydraulic System
  • One high efficient perfect-match hydraulic system
  • Advanced German proportional flow valve, pressure control valve, hydraulic valve, American high-pressure endurable vane pump.
  • Imported oil pipes and connectors
Electric Control System
  • World top band industrial computer for the control system,10.4’ TFT colour monitor
  • Chinese-English operation panel
  • Temperature controlled by PID
  • Can enable and disable some functions by the control panel
  • Optional for the movements of gas releasing, curing, automatically mould opening, plasticization, mould sliding, ejector movement,
  • injection
  • 3-pin and 2-pin 220v socket in the power cabinet for lighting and maintenance
  • Interfere-free manual and automatic control. Some of the operations can be done manually under automatic mode. With one operation case on the work station, convenient for on spot operation.
  • Memory and store for 100 sets mould data
  • Errors display and alarm
  • Alarm indicator lights
  • Junction box for the Spare temperature and heating wire near the heating plate
  • Computer-controlled hydraulic sandwich interface (including hydraulic oil line)
  • Access of vacuum pump controlled by computer
  • Floating hydraulic mould slide stroke device, mould Slide Stroke 930 mm
  • Remote control device