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Fine Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

Fine Wire Drawing Machine 26 Die

Fine Wire Drawing Machine 26 Die

Machine Includes

  • Equipment components: 26DHA host 1 set.
  • One wiring tray
  • Random attachments include: Rubber mat 5 pieces One set of technical data Including: external drawing, foundation drawing, reference mold matching table, operation and maintenance guide, frequency converter manual, and other technical data.

Technical Specification

Model TM-26DHA
Inbound line Range 1.2- -1.6mm
Exit Range 0.15- -0.30mm
Mechanical Speed 2500 M/Min (Max.)
Eye modules 26 (self-provided by the buyer)
External diameter of the eye mold Φ25mm X 8-12mm thick
Mechanical Elongation Rate 1st to 25th only 15%; 26th only 8.7%
Host motor 15KW-4P AC motor and 11KW frequency converter
Roll-up motor 4KW-4P AC motor and 4KW frequency converter
Volume 50KG / Max.
Roll the outer diameter Φ300mm / MAX (can be designed according to your size)
Brake brake 30KG-M electromagnetic brake.
Line receiving type Top cone type
Mechanical external type size 2,180 L X 1500W X 1800H (mm)
Machine weight 2,100 kg