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500 mm High Speed Buncher

500 mm High Speed Buncher

500 mm High Speed buncher

Product Description

500 mm High Speed Buncher


Full automatic double-twist type wire twist machine, strengthening design of the traction system, can twist 2.5 mm 2 copper wire, it can also apply on the core wire pair twisted or small core wire cabling.

Main Standard:

Wire spool Max size (Diameter x Overall length) Φ500 x 315
Twisted copper wire Max section 0.05mm2 - 2.5 mm2
Twisted copper diameter range (mm) 0.08 - 0.14
Twist pitch range (mm) 4.22 - 39.64. (Gear change pitch, Customer requirements)
Twisting direction: "S" or "Z" direction.
Twist bow rotation speed (r/min) 0-2500, infinite adjustable.
Twist bow material Spring steel tape
The conductor element on the twist bow Porcelain or porcelain + pulley guide
Electric motor 5.5 Kw, frequency adjust speed
Take-up tension mechanism Manual spring clutch control
Wire spool up fall structure Manual-hydraulic
Main bearing use Japan NSK
Spindle height above the ground 860mm
Machine appearance size L-2620 mm x W-1310 mm x H-1460 mm
Machine net Weight (Kg) 2400
Power 3 Phase 380 V, 50 Hz
Machine installation place altitude ≤ 1000 mm
Machine Installation Place environment temperature ≤40°C
Input Wire Direction Machine right wire input