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Laser Diameter Gauge LST-25

Laser Diameter Gauge LST 25

Laser Diameter Gauge LST 25

Product Description

LST laser diameter measuring instrument, professional non-contact dynamic diameter measuring instrument, is suitable for online diameter measurement of round workpieces such as Optical Fiber and cable, electric wire & cable, glass tube, plastic tube and bearing. It not only measures display diameter and deviation value but also could control diameter automatically according to user requirement to keep the consistency of wire diameter.


  1. Suitable for online measurement of any round wires and workpieces.
  2. Non-contact measurement, high-speed inspection, high precision and stable performance.
  3. With FO optical lens, there is a small influence of shaking on the measured wire.
  4. With inbuilt PID control module, wire diameter can be automatically controlled.
  5. With all-dimensional revolving operating panel, long-distance displays of various dimensions are equipped.
  6. With a multi-address RS232/485 communication interface.
  7. With semiconductor laser of long service life.
  8. With Switzerland brushless DC motor, it could be adapted to working under severe environment.

LST series of diameter measuring instrument could be classified into two types such as one-dimension and two-dimension according to the measurement pattern. One-dimension diameter measuring instrument only measures the diameter value of workpiece in one direction while a two-dimension diameter measuring instrument measures the diameter value in two directions of X and Y. One and two-dimension measuring instruments feature compact structure, same operation function and output interfaces.

Technical Parameters

  • Equivalent scanning speed: 600 times/sec (1400times/sec at fastest speed)
  • control interface output: -10V~+10V
  • Maximum output current: 5mA
  • Centre-height adjustable range: 850~1100mm
Model Specification Measuring Range Measuring Precision Resolution Ratio External Dimension of Measuring Head
LST-25/JIB 0.1~25mm ±2μm 1μm 290x60x170mm
LST-25/JIIB 0.1~25mm ±2μm 1μm 320x60x256mm
LST-40/JIB 0.1~40mm ±2μm 1μm 400x80x175mm
LST-40/JIIB 0.2~40mm ±2μm 1μm 365x80x311mm
LST-70/JIA 1~70mm ±5μm 3μm 668x120x160mm
LST-100/JIA 1~100mm ±5μm 3μm 480x80x367mm
LST-200/JIA 1~200mm ±5μm 3μm 660x120x437mm

Working Conditions

  • Power: AC 180~260V 50Hz
  • Working temperature: -5~+50°C
  • Air humidity:≤90% (no Condensate water)
  • Power Consumption: ≤15W