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Coil Inserting Machine

Coil Inserting Machine TM-100A


Model : TM-100A

  • Adapt to the Stator Diameter ≤ φ160
  • Adapt to the Stator Diameter φ30 ~ φ110mm
  • Stack Thickness Range of 10 ~ 150mm; (in accordance with the customer to provide receipt design)
  • Mold Travel: 65mm
  • Number of Slots: 8-48
  • Replacement Mold Time: ≈ 0.5 hours
  • Random Distribution of Wearing Parts: 3 bars, a storage strip, putter 3
  • Use of an AC servo motor system as a driving force source, the use of servo motor as cutting power
  • Chinese and English man-machine interface operation control, with fault self-diagnosis function
  • Slot wedge wide polyester film roll material, specifications for the mm × mm (after the supply side to inform the demand side)
  • Using stepper motor paper feed can be set every slot, wedge custom length of the total feed, cut, into the forming, free to set the paper slot and the number of paper
  • In the same technical parameters under the stator specifications designed to meet the copper, aluminium wire automatically embedded
  • 24 Slot production beat ≈ 12 seconds / Taiwan (without auxiliary hours)
  • One-time embedded copper wire pass rate ≥ 98.5%, after passing the qualified rate ≥ 99..5%
  • With a special debugging control switch, switch products can be replaced mold
  • Paper Cutting mechanism and push line mechanism with pre-deceleration function
  • With the lack of material alarm function
  • Can be set in the man-machine interface to push the height and stop the time
  • Machine package after the assembly requirements of its rotation and moving smoothly
  • wedge without damage, the surface without scratching the hair phenomenon, no movement or skew
  • The Iron core may not have due to off the assembly line caused by deformation or Alice teeth
  • Start Mode: start with a two-handed button
  • Industrial PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan
  • Servo Motor and Controller: Japan's Mitsubishi
  • Pneumatic Components: Taiwan Yade off / Niu Li was
  • Sensor Components: OMRON, AUTONICS
  • Other Components: IDEC, DELIXI, SCHNEIDER
  • Power Supply 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz 5Kw
  • Weight ≈ 850KG