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Multiple Plug Tester

Precision Salt Spraying Tester

Product Description

Scope of Application: Brine spray testing machine, for all kinds of material surface treatment, including coating, electroplating, organic and inorganic film, anodizing, antirust oil and other anticorrosive treatment, test its corrosion resistance, so as to establish the quality of products.

Type and Name: LX-8827B (60#) brine spray testing machine


  1. Size of inner case: 600x450x400 (W*D*H)
  2. Outer box size 710*560*560 (W*D*H)
  3. Testing temperature: 35±1ֲ℃ 50 ±1℃
  4. Sample angle :24 Pcs 15 Pcs
  5. Power supply: 220V 50 Hz
  6. Gas Source:3Kg/cm

Technical Basis:

Operating setting according to JIS, ASTM, CNS GB Standard Parameters

A. Salt Spray test: NSS, ACSS

  1. Laboratory……..Fluctuation of 35℃ ± 1℃:<0.5 Uniformity: ≤ 2℃
  2. Saturated air barrel:…….47 ℃ ± 1 ℃

B. Corrosion Resistance Test: CASS

  1. Laboratory:……… Fluctuation of 50℃ ± 1℃ Uniformity: ≤2 ℃/li>
  2. Saturated air barrel:……..63 ℃ ± 1 ℃li>

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