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Commutator Turning Machine

Commutator Turning Machine Commutator Turning Machine

Commutator Turning Machine


Model : TM-618-3


  • This machine adopts PLC control. More stable performance, easy debugging simple function.
  • The machine uses automatic speed control system, will not affect the brightness due to the size of the air pressure.
  • The machine frame is made of aluminum alloy, making the equipment beautiful.
  • Rotor V-frame made of synthetic diamond, with no injury shaft, wear and other characteristics.
  • Equipment using dual servo technology, debugging more convenient.

Specifications :

Rotor Diameter 15mm-60mm
Commutator Diameter 5mm-50mm
Rotor Shaft Diameter 2mm-12mm
Turning Amount 0.02-0.25mm
Roundness 0.003mm / min
Balance 0.005mm / min
Roughness Ra0.3um / min
Power Supply AC220V / 50 / 60Hz-500W
Dimension 900mmX580mmX1020mm
Weight 230kg

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