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TM 580 Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

TM 580 Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

Product Description

Model :TM580 Wire Cutting Stripping Machine-50mm2


Modal TM580 Wire Cutting Stripping Machine-50mm2
Weight 72KGS
Overall Dimensions 400mm×515mm×345mm
Power 1000W
Mode of Display LCD Liquid Crystal Display Screen in English
Cutting Length : 0.1mm-100m
Cutting Tolerance ≤0.002×L (L = Cutting Length)
Cutting Cross-sectional Area of Wire Core 2-50mm2
Maximum Diameter of Conduit Pipe 18
Middle-stripping 12 places of stripping
Knife Material High-quality Tungsten Steel
Stripping Speed 100mm/pc, 4000 – 6000 pcs/h
Mode of Driving 8-wheeled Drive (Silent hybrid stepping motor, each step 0.1mm forward)
Adjusting Speed 0 Slowest, 9 Fastest