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Thermoset Material Injection Forming Machine

Thermoset Material Injection Forming Machine

Product Description

Model -Thermoset Material Injection Forming Machine


  • Improved the production efficiency.
  • Realize the several injections, and the efficiency can be multiple increased by the clamping system.
  • Reduce the production cost of the manufacturers.
  • Increase the product quality and ensure the rate of the finished product.
  • Reduced the labor intensity.
  • Save raw materials, beautiful appearance and environment protection.
  • Easy removal of the material and save the time
  • None damage of glass fiber structure of the product and guarantee the intensity of the product.
  • Realize the production of high content glass fiber product
  • Safe, rapid and environmental protection equipment guaranteed the finished product and improved efficiency.


Shot Weight g/oz 408/14
Clamping Force Ton 40
Mold Dimensions (L*W) (mm) 290*290 /420*230
Min Mold Height (mm) 250
Machine Weight (T) 4.5
Size (L*w*H) (m) 3.3*1.3*2.8